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Hello, We are Joan and Jon, Wedding photographers based in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are the husband and wife duo behind BellowBlue Photography. For the last decade we have been traveling the country photographing weddings in a nontraditional creative style.


Handcrafted Wedding Photography

We will tell your story in the most authentic, natural, and creative way possible. 

wedding photography Indianapolis

Amber & Sean-

During our hunt for the perfect photographer for our wedding day, we had met with a handful of wedding photographers before a friend recommended Jon and Joan. From the very beginning, we clearly understood that wedding photography wasn't their job, it was their passion. Jon and Joan are the best wedding photographers in Indianapolis. We wanted to work with someone who is not only talented, but would also compliment our day and help make the documenting experience fun. Jon and Joan made us feel comfortable which resulted in natural beautiful wedding photos. They both have a keen eye for creative wedding photography, that's what makes them the top wedding photographers. BellowBlue was one of the best decisions we made when planning our wedding. 



We want to create family heirlooms. Photographs that are reminders of why you fell in love.


Wedding photography Indianapolis IN
Indiana Wedding photographer

We love being wedding photographers. Our workplace is filled with happiness, beauty, and love. Capturing our couples stories and being part of such intimate moments, has given us so much fulfillment that we have not found anywhere else. We have been photographing together for over 10 years and we cannot imagine doing anything else.


Always with the heart and never the head


There are tons of wedding photographers out there. Take your time and find the one who's work appeals to you the most. Let your heart guide you.


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