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Joan + Jon

We are Joan and Jon, a husband and wife photography duo. We are two accomplished photographers with our BFA in Fine Art Photography.  Together we have been photographing weddings full-time for over 10 years. We believe in photographing from the heart and never the head.  Our aim is to make the two of you feel all of the emotions you had on your wedding day every time you see your photos.  We want to create photographs that are not only timeless, but works of art that you are proud to hang on your wall.

Indianapolis wedding photographer
Indianapolis wedding photographers

How we met

We met in college while studying photography.  It all started over a superglue incident and excessive mix tapes.  We have been utterly in love and inseparable for over 10 years.  We've lived in Philadelphia, Southern Illinois, Madison Wisconsin, and now we are proud to call Indianapolis our home. 

Top Indianapolis wedding photographer
top indy photographer


What makes life worth living

Tacos, creating things, puppy sitting for the neighbors, gardening, living in the hood, diversity, adventures, donuts, Wess Anderson, photographing with film, whisky cocktails, cooking together, old photos, art, grandparents, bbq, equality, coffee, exploring, design, camping, the outdoors, baking, and being in love.



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